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WTT’s struggle in the judiciary journey

Yogyakarta – Tuesday, May 26th, 2015, the residents of Kulon Progo united in the organization of Wahana Tri Tunggal (WTT) seemed enthusiastic. It was...

The peg placement threatens coastal residents of Parangkusumo

Yogyakarta, In September 12th 2015 Sri Sultan HB X officially launched the Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park. Right after that, the coastal residents of Parangkusumo,...
Jogja ora didol

‘Jogja not for sale’: Not just looking for Haryadi

The commotion of Jogja’s anniversary seemed not to have subsided, even though two days had passed. Not because it had been such a wild...

A short reflection on 6 years of resistance by Lapindo Mudflow victims: Why we...

25th July 2012 was a day which brought a big shock for most of the Lapindo Mudflow victims. In a live broadcast shown on...
Diskusi Warga di Persil Sumatera Utara

Who owns the land? – Peasant struggles in Indonesia

Bern-WC, November 2011 In December 2008 about 500 cops and hired thugs attacked the Suluk Bongkal, a hamlet in the province of Riau, and drove...