Yogyakarta, In September 12th 2015 Sri Sultan HB X officially launched the Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park. Right after that, the coastal residents of Parangkusumo, specifically from district X Parangtritis, Kretek, who organize themselves into an organization called ARMP, People’s Alliance Resisting Eviction, back threatened. They sense that this official announcement has been another instrument to legalize the eviction.

Before the government changed into Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park, it was Laboratorium Geospasial Parangtritis (Parangtritis Geospacial Laboratory). It was started in 2006 by Badan Informasi Geospasial (the Institution of Geospacial Information), cooperated with the Faculty of Geography, Gadjah Mada University, Provincial Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Bantul district government. The ceremony of official announcement is attended by M. Nasir, the Ministry of Research and Technology, Gadjah Mada University principal, Dwikorita Karnawati, Priyadi Jardono (the head of Badan Informasi Geospasial), and also the representatives of Bantul District Government.

In practice, Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park will be divided into three zones . The first zone is the core area, covering an area of 141 hectares, the second zone is a restricted area with an area of 95 hectares, and the third zone is a buffer zone covering an area of 111 hectares. In the opening ceremony, Sultan asserted that the delimitation of the core zone will be followed by cleaning of residential and trees, and other activities that are considered able to interfere with the preservation of the core zone of sand dunes .

Associated with the Sultan statement, Mrs. Kawit, one of ARMP organization committee states that “If it will happen because of their eviction Geomaritime region, we will not retreat a single step ” (Friday, 25/3). She mentioned that since the inauguration of the region, it appears the issue that there will be 34 houses to be demolished, especially those located in the core zone . According to her, those 34 houses are the homes of ARMP members.

Now, along the road to the residential area of ARMP, we can see some yellow pegs placed as markers of Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park. The placement of the peg has raised psychological terror for citizens, since peg means a marker of soon eviction.

Long before the placement of the peg, the citizens have actually received threats of eviction from Bantul District Government. According to Watin, a member of ARMP, there are three issues that previously used as a tool to evict them; the allegations as illegal residents, the area of prostitution and the status of the land as Sultan Ground (SG). But the last issue is mostly used to be the reason of eviction. He then explained that SG and PAG has actually been abolished, referring to UUPA BAL IV, Presidential Decree No. 33 of 1984 and DIY Regulation No. 3 of 1984. ” So there is no strong basis to evict us ” , he said. ( Fandi )

Translated by L. Lusandiana


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